How to get from Quito to Salinas

We mark the options for traveling by bus from Quito and as flying.

Salinas reach from the capital of Ecuador is fairly simple and straightforward.

By plane

Some years ago a service from Quito was paid but was suspended. A tennis

Salinas landing FAE but only used for military purposes or private flights.

By bus

There are two options as

be direct bus ride to Freedom (near Salinas) or travel to Guayaquil and then to Salinas.

In both cases the journey takes about 10 hours. It night for those who do not mind traveling at night to spend the night directly in the bus.

See the following:

Towards Freedom

There is a bus company "TransEsmeraldas" performing the service Quito - Libertad.

The bus leaves us in the own terminal company in Liberty, near the boardwalk.

From there, the easiest way is to take a taxi to Salinas if we are with bags as they go to the bus stop

internal buses of the city and take it can be tricky. A taxi can cost about

U $ S2.

This is the direct option to travel by bus.


To Guayaquil

Go to Guayaquil in multiple bus companies that make that journey.

Arriving in Guayaquil should take any bus that goes to Liberty.

From Liberty to take taxi to get to Salinas.

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