How to get to Salinas from Montañita

Travel from Montañita Salinas. How to get to spend the day and meet Salinas.

Reach Salinas from Montañita is simple:

By bus

1) We took a bus from Montañita, CLP blues or greens Manglaralto.

2) After an hour and 20 minutes trip, we Libertad, there

We descend.

3) From Santa Elena and we are close, about 20 minutes. We have two choices: to go on Taxi

Salinas (about $ 2 the ride) or mini-bus to Salinas ($ 0.25 travel, but takes more the


Approximate time: 2 hours

By taxi

Perhaps the simplest way to travel and more convenient if several tourists congregate.

The approximate cost is $ 20 to $ 25 dollars toward Salinas. With an approximate time of 1 hour

30 minutes.

From Montañita

Knowing Salinas is something that many people who go direct to Montañita does. But it is highly recommended for foreign tourists because in Salinas can see other things.

Journey time about 1:30 am to 2 pm.

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