How to get from Guayaquil

Different options to reach Salinas from Guayaquil. Schedule of buses and taxi companies.

By bus

There are several companies that provide a service to Freedom as there is no direct service to


These companies offer a direct service with air conditioning, a good level. Have an

a bus frequency of approximately every half hour. The service is provided until 22 or 23 pm.

Beyond this time you must take a taxi.

The trip takes approximately one hour and a half.

From Freedom it is best to take a cab to Salinas. The approximate cost can be between $ 2 and $ 3.

There are vans that go to Salinas from Liberty but not justified by the low cost of taxis.

By taxi from Guayaquil

The taxi ride takes about an hour. The cost is about the same between

$ 20 and $ 35.

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