Chipipe beach

One of the two main beaches of Salinas. Located in the city center itself.

Chipipe is one of the two main beach of Salinas, the second sector busier and where some hotels, restaurants and several buildings with apartments for rent.

It is the second most crowded beach, it is much quieter than the Playa de San Lorenzo.

Calm water, without waves, its family atmosphere and scenery made ​​this beach ideal for family and friends.

At the beginning of it (to the north) is the "Salinas Yacht Club". Before her that is farther north is another beach called San Lorenzo.

Chipipe beach is the widest and safe. In front of her many buildings and some hotels are. Does not have much gastronomic or commercial as the beach of San Lorenzo offer, but it is certainly a beautiful beach and nice to stay.


Chipipe Beach enjoys a unique tranquility in its waters.

Everyone should know and dive into its waters.


Ideal for family

This beach is highly recommended to go with family. With peace sea here you can enjoy with your children or partner a great afternoon.

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