Ecuasal pools

Observation of migratory shorebirds in pools Ecuasal

Salinas gets its name from these pools of sea salt. We can tour the facilities and see the process of salt production.

They are very large pools located near the area of ​​Mar Bravo.

In the place birdwatching it is possible because many migratory birds make their stop on your travels in these pools.

An estimated 100,000 birds per year stop in this sector.

Ecuasal is privately production of sea salt. The largest of Ecuador.

More info:

The birds in the pools

Very good video about the birds that can be seen.

How to get to the pools

From downtown Salinas we have a 30-40 minute drive. (In carriage itself a little less)

Take bus to Palmar (north) on Route Spondylus. From Salinas must go to the Freedom mini-terminal and from there take the bus route that runs north.



Bird watching

An excellent place for bird watching. You can see different kinds of migratory birds.

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