Museum of Archaeology

Archaeology Museum has a complete collection of various cultures in the area.

Cultures Valdivia, Machalilla and Engoroy (Chorrera) Formative period (4200 BC -.. 500 BC)

Jambelí Huangala and Regional Development period (500 BC -. 500) and the Manteno- Huancavilca

Integration period (500 - 1530), where human and animal figurines stand,

ceremonial and utilitarian vessels, bottles whistle, stone axes, necklaces with beads

Spondylus, whistles and ocarinas and a variety of both cylindrical and flat seals.

The Naval room displays a model of a Manteña-Huancavilca raft reproduced

According to the description of Sámano 1526. The Huancavilcas were in their large rafts

black pottery color, hands and stone metate for grinding grain; spherical weights

Stone pointed to networks and for divers which also served to hit and

Spondylus shells dislodge adhered to rocks; copper objects such as axes with

ax handle and coins and Spondylus shell beads, circular and rectangular forms the

they were sold together with the copper material in Mexico and Peru, are the evidence of

the last thousand years of sailing in our country. A model that reproduces the galleon Jesus

Mary of the Immaculate Conception better known as "La Capitana" takes us back to the time of the

Cologne and in the display cases in that it rescued galleon that ran aground in 1654 off the coast exhibits

Chanduy. Coins of 1, 2, 4 and 8 reales cobs or crushed calls were made

silver and transported on ships to Panama and from there to the Caribbean to be carried

to Europe; Fragments of silver cutlery and plates and pottery known as majolica,

bars tin, silver, cannonballs both bronze and iron and lead to

muskets. A golden cross inscribed in Latin, an earring with pearl, lighter and bases

silver candelabra, a buckle, and metal earrings agate use for the material

Staff used by the passengers on this ship and ran aground off the coast of

Real town.

Located on the Malecon and Guayaquil streets, it is known as "The Museum of the Great

Peninsula "


For lovers of history, an ideal spot.


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